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Nick Robinson
Francis was my friend for nearly 30 years, although sadly, we never met. His creativity was only matched by his courage and huge spirit. My heart goes out to his family.

Jos Heije
Thanks Mr. Of hearts for all the ideas you left on this earth. We will remember you forever.

Kricskovics Zsuzsanna
More than 30 years ago I go connected with Francis Ow, and our correspondence lasted for many years. He was generous, warmhearted, gentle, helpful. Heart-folding means Francis Ow in Hungary
Rest in Peace, Francis, my friend, my penpal. We will remember.

Montana Reid
Im very sorry to hear about Mr. Ows passing. He was always kind and very willing to help in the world of origami. He will live on through his many contributions to the art of paper folding. Thank you very much, Mr. Ow.

Daniele Adami
Origamis World is very sad today

Ynyr Lloyd
So sad to hear this news. I once wrote to him and he replied to my letter which included some of his heart models. A gentleman who spread love and friendship throughout the world.

Siempre con una sonrisa en su cara, cómo puede ser posible que sucedan estas cosas? es injusto, doloroso, increíble. Una persona tan creativa, generosa, no puede irse asi, tan joven y con tanto por hacer. Me siento demasiado triste por esta noticia. Nunca te olvidaremos Francis Ow. Tus creaciones siempre vivirán con nosotros. Buen viaje sobre una grulla, amigo.

Clara Angélica Souza
Greatness in simplicity. May you continue to bend hearts for eternity

Siendy Apridiani
Rest in peace for the Heart Origami Master. We love you. Really a deep condolences . God loves you.

Ilan Garibi
For me, Modular Origami was Francis Ow. Thanks to his genial 60 degrees connection, I started to explore this field. His models were a great inspiration. We corresponded a few times, and he always was helpful and kind! When we met in Singapore once, I enjoyed his spirit and good will! May he rest in peace!

Himanshu Agrawal
This is absolutely shocking and unbelievable. He was a great and prolific Origami designer. Goodbye, Francis. Rest in peace.

Jean-Claude Vanzut
"Avoir la douleur ou la joie,
Pourvu que le cœur soit profond
Comme un arbre où des ailes font
Trembler le feuillage qui ploie."
(Anna de Noailles)

Adieu, Francis.

Tuan Nguyen
My deepest condolence to your family. FranCis Hearts in our heart forever. RIP. Francis.

Rosa Laddago
Persona gentilissima e sempre disponibile.Grazie per le tante idee e consigli.

Dirk Eisner
Thats really sad. He is one of my idols in folding. He has developed one of the most flexible units in modular origami: the edge module.
Ive met him once at the 5OSME 2010 in Singapore. He was a gentle, wonderful person who always shared his ideas, folds and diagrams with other people.
My heartfelt sympathy to his family. Ill miss you, Francis. RIP

Laura Rozenberg
His was a political message, in line with make love, not war.

Mariette Kok
Rest in Peace dear origami Friend. I love folding lots of your Hearts, one of my first books when I started folding about 22 years ago. My heart is with your family, you will be missed very deeply.

Amália Araújo
Me senti encantada quando conheci seu livro de corações em origami. O tempo passou e um dia comentou e agradeceu eu ter dobrado uma de suas criações. Tão atencioso e generoso com as pessoas que gostam dessa arte. Mais um mestre irá dobrar no andar de cima. Obrigada por seu trabalho e dedicação. Sentiremos sua falta.

Millie Camacho Richardson
On Hearts with Wings to your next adventure,Francis. Condolences to all.

Irene Chua
My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved Ow family! It was an honour to have known Francis, albeit briefly. He has left behind a legacy of his wonderful origami creations. He was incredibly generous in sharing his ideas and diagrams to anyone who wants to learn. He will be forever remembered & greatly missed!

I am so sad to hear this news. He was so kind and warmhearted. He showed me lots of origami and ideas. I miss him very much. May his soul rest in peace.

Edwin Corrie
So sorry to hear the news of Francis passing. He was a wonderful host when I visited Singapore in 1989, and we corresponded regularly for many years after that. He was a fine and highly respected origami creator, and always very generous. My sincere condolences to his family.

Winnie Leung
The world has sadly lost another origami luminary in the passing of Francis Ow. Francis was generous and funny, and although I wasnt much of a geometric folder, I love his use of colours, which were always bright and cheerful. You will be missed.

"Everyone has to start somewhere. Origami is on going and I am still learning." Francis Ow Il y a 2 ans, quand jai eu lhonneur déchanger quelques mots avec lui grâce à la magie des réseaux sociaux.

Francis have inspired me a lot. He is a true master with no doubt and should be highly regarded. I am currently (7/2018) folding a series of Francis best designs of all times as memorial.

His work and designs were inspirational! Thank you, Mr. Ow, for making the world so much more beautiful.

Sara Adams
Francis, thank you for sharing your love of origami with us all over the years. You will be sorely missed!

Kimberly Crane
Thank you Francis Ow for all you have contributed to the world wide origami community. Everytime I see a heart, I will think of you. Your bantering with the Singapore origami group put a smile on my face and a song in my heart. I learned so much from you. Not only about origami but about Malaysia. May your hearts live on and your smile bring joy to folders everywhere. You will be missed.

Clare Chamberlain
Francis and I were part of an Australasian origami portfolio over 30 years ago, where we posted around a portfolio of models and diagrams. Eventually it disappeared - maybe Francis has found it now.
Miss you my folding friend.

Your presence will be missed. While we never met, but connected through facebook. It was always a nice surprise to see your posts and continuous generous spirit. Thank you for your contributions to origami global community.

Sorry you are gone, and that I didnt know you. I only just learned about you the past few days. Thank you for your origami art! They were beautiful and very creative. We will miss you.

Evi Binzinger
i just read the sad news. francis was a dear origami friend. i wish him all the best in the heaven of hearts.

Reposez en paix Francis. je vous remercie pour tous beaux origamis que jai pu faire grâce à vous.

Hadi Tahir
Selamat jalan mr. Ow

Mick Guy
Francis was a great friend of the BOS and one of our oldest members. Meeting him and the other Singaporian folders a few years back is one of my treasured origami experiences. A good man, extremely talented and someone who will be greatly missed.

swamynathan (India)
Its sad and shocking that Franciw Ow is no more.
In August 2014, Francis and myself had a short series of email interaction on his early association with Envelope and Letterolds. We exchanged a letter. Francis post had a nice handwritten letter and a few of his colourful origami hearts. His origami creations will keep him alive forever. RIP

Mary Martin
This hurts my heart to hear. Mr Ow is the reason for my love of origami. I came upon his site in 1997 when i was only 13 years old.I messaged him and sent him some models through the mail.He responded with a kind letter of encouragement and some models he folded himself. To this day i have the letter and the models he made for me. I have and will always treasure them. Im sad :(

Un grand homme.

I met Francis shortly after I joined BOS in 1983. Shortly after, we had our first origami exhibition together, arguably the first in Singapore. We meet regularly as he show me his latest acquisitions or latest creations. I miss him greatly. Peace and Harmony through Origami!

Martine Miot
Merci pour les modèles en héritage.

Jorge Luis urijenny
Hoy recién he visto que ha fallecido Francis, no lo sabía. Qué gran tristeza. Mis condolencias a familiares y amigos de la Comunidad de origamistas.

Eunice Lew
Francis, It was a joy to have met you in Singapore so many years ago.
You have left a heart-felt legacy in theuniverse of origami.

Celeste Bergin
Very sorry to hear of Mr. Ows passing. I used his Origami Hearts book many times when teaching art classes. Sadly the book was ruined in a recent flood but looking to replace it. I love his work!
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