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Gallery Page

Francis has many models on display all over the world. Here are a small selection Many more are available on his Flickr site
heart garland heart garland
Heart Locket (diagram)
Pajarita with Heart
heart garland
pajarita heart
Heart Garland (diagram)
Pajarita Heart
Borromean Rectangles
Equilateral Triangle with Inverted Points as CD holder
Hook on Love or fishing for love?
Cube of Hearts
True Love, True Lovers and Rows of Hearts formed into a Heart shape
Rows of Hearts
Icosihengram #6
Impossible Borromean Triangles
Interwoven Diamonds - Assembled from 6 modules
Some of my heart models on display in Japan.....
Some of my heart models on display in Russia.....
Trefoil Knots or Valknut Symbols.
Happy Valentine's day


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