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Here is a list of all the diagrams on this site. Copyright in both the diagram and the model is held by Francis Ow - please contact him if you wish to make use of them in any way.

Half Cube
Pin Box
Rectangular Box
Star Dish
Star Medal
Star Ring
Tissue Box

2 Simple hearts
Book attachment for Heart
Fan on Heart
Heart / Christmas Tree
Heart Corner Marker
Heart from 2007 calendar
Heart Garland
Hearty Hug Me
Heart Locket
Love Links
Heart Page Marker
Heart With Bunny Ears
Love Token
Lovers Ring
Secret Love Boat
Wings Of Love

120 degree unit
135 degree unit
3 Piece XYZ
4 6 8 piece expandables
4-piece Shuriken Star
5-piece Shuriken Star
6 Piece Hexagonal Coaster
6 Piece Hexagonal Coaster 2 variations
6 Hexagons Coaster
6 Piece Star Of David
6 Piece XYZ #1
6 Pointed Stars
60 degree unit
6 Piece Snowflake
8 Piece Garland
Box / Modular Cube 4
Cross Module
Cubo Module
Easy Squares
Expandable Pinwheel to Hexagonal Ring
Expandable Pinwheel to Star
New-Found Expandable Pinwheels
New-found Expandable Pinwheel#2
New-found Expandable Pinwheel 19 Piece#2
Expandable X to Diamond
Fish Module
Hexa Star
Hexagon Module 3
Latin Cross
Maltese Cross
Modular Cube 3
Russian Cube Double Arrow Tail
Russian Cube-Double Arrowhead
Russian Cube-Short "I"
Russian Cube-Fat "I"
Silver Rectangle Expandable Ring 1
Silver Rectangle Expandable Ring 2
Snowflake Module
Square Module #2
Square Module #3
St Andrews Cross
Tesselating Fish
Tsuru Module
VWXYZ 5 intersecting plane crosses modular
WXYZ Rectangles modular
XYZ Diamonds modular modular
XYZ Rectangles modular

Dollar Hexagonal Box
Dollar Nickel Box
Dollar Tank
Hexagonal Letterfold
House Shape Letterfold
Iphone stand
Love Is In The Air
1 Piece Latin Cross

5 Piece Puzzle
Cocogram tangram set
Cross Puzzle
Cut Up Cross Puzzle
E Puzzle Dissection
F Puzzle Dissection
H Puzzle Dissection
Heart Tangram set
Puzzle Paradox
Pythagorean Square
Pythagoras Tangram
Regulus tangram set
Revathi tangram set
Richter #5 Grillentoter
Sei Shonagon Chie No Ita
T Puzzle Dissection
Tangram set 2
Trapeze - a tangram set


extended starextended star
messianic star
expandable star
isosclese right triangles
striped module
heart / tree
heart / tree
heart / tree


Notes on Modular Origami
Modular models are where simple modules are first folded, these simple modules are then lock together without the use of glue to form the complete model. I have created many modular creations using different number of simple modules. I have also created many Polyhedral Models using modules. Polyhedral Models Folding are a subset of Modular Models Folding. These are models that would usually delight a Mathematician. They can also be use in teaching and education.

Diagrams avaliable here include modules to construct truncated cube, rhombicosidodecahedron, truncated octahedron, icosidodecahedron, snub cube, snub dodecahedron, truncated icosahedron, truncated cuboctahedron, etc. (skeletal-like).

Using modules that can interlock at various angles, I have been able to devise many kinds of other geometrical models. A 90-degree module will give you a cube, a 120-degree module can give you truncated tetrahedron, cuboctahedron, dodecahedron, rhombicuboctahedron, etc. With a 135-degree module, you can construct a trucated cube, rhombicosidodecahedron, truncated octahedron, isosidodecahedron, snub cube, snub dodecahedron, truncated icosahedron, etc.


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