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  • Origami - Geometrical Folds [self-publication]
  • Origami Hearts [self-publication]
  • Origami Harto [Japanese translation of the above, Publisher - Chikuma Shobo]
  • Origami Hearts [Dutch translation of the above]
  • More Origami Hearts [self publication]
  • Origami Hearts [commercial publication of More Origami Hearts [Publisher- Japan Publications - buy from USA or buy from UK]
  • Modular Origami [self-publication]
  • Letterfolds [self-publication]
  • Owrigami [BOS publication - buy it here]

Francis' published output began with a series of self-published ring-bound collections, sent out to friends. In 2001, the British origami Society published a collection of his designs.

His booklet origami hearts was re-published professionally by Japan Publications and has been well received by the origami community. The models in this book ranges from simple to intermediate and novices should have no problem trying the simpler ones and moving on to the more complicated ones after gaining experience.


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